Dental Filling
dental filling

Dental Filling

Dental fillings have become one of the common dental procedures in dentistry. Our Houston dental locations experience these procedures on a daily basis, so we understand all the reasons for needing a filling. This dental procedure is to ensure your teeth remain healthy for the long-term, which is our primary goal for all of our patients’ teeth.


Dental fillings are made of composite resin, which is an extremely durable substance that hardens to the shape of the tooth. The durability and strength of this resin ensures that the tooth remains protected from the stress of daily life of eating and talking.

These fillings protect the teeth from further decay once it replaces the cavity that has been removed. Since this resin is tooth-colored, it also helps ensure that dark areas in the teeth are unnoticeable.


The objective behind dental fillings is always to maintain the strength and health of the tooth. The reasons, however, for receiving a dental filling can vary. Here are some of the typical reasons:

Cavities - Just about everyone has experienced a cavity, but leaving them alone can cause further problems. At the onset, a cavity doesn’t cause pain since there aren’t nerve-endings on the surface of the tooth. A cavity can easily spread across the tooth and deeper into it. Our dentists advise to manage this quickly by removing the cavity. The cavity is shaved out to leave only the healthy part of the tooth, and then it is filled with a dental filling. The sooner the cavity is removed, the better, because removing a small cavity ensures most of the tooth remains intact.

Chips and Breaks - Chips and breaks in the teeth can happen quite easily from falls, eating hard foods, or by wear and tear. Regardless of how the chip or break takes place, it should be fixed as soon as possible. A chip or break can easily obtain a cavity because the bristles of a toothbrush may not be able to reach thoroughly into the indention. Getting those places filled will help a patient avoid a cavity in that area. A dental filling will also restore the integrity of the tooth to ensure there will not be further breakage, which could end up requiring a dental crown.

Appearance - Regarding cavities and chips or breaks, this can cause a person’s smile to suffer due to the dark color in the teeth or the unevenness of the teeth. Dental fillings can level out the teeth to make them look more appealing and they can also ensure the color of the teeth remain a porcelain color.


If you suffer from cavities or have any chips in your teeth, contact any of our Houston dental offices and schedule your appointment today. Our team of dentists are ready to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.