Dentures are commonly called “false teeth” and are typically known to target a specific age demographic. But the age of the teeth and patient isn’t always always a direct correlation of the need for dentures. There are plenty of reasons to receive dentures and at New Smiles Texas we understand that having beautiful teeth also means having strong teeth.


Dentures are teeth that are constructed completely of either resin or porcelain. Both of these substances are extremely durable and have the appearance of real teeth. The frame of the dentures is either full or partial, depending on the need of the patient. This framework is made up of one of three materials: acrylic resin, nylon polymer, or chrome cobalt metal. During the evaluation conducted by our dentist, a specific set of dentures will be constructed to perfectly fit the patient’s mouth.


The teeth replacements are used to enable people who have no teeth or are missing large sections of teeth to continue with their regular lifestyle without the constant issues of not having teeth. With these dentures, patients are able to eat a regular diet, including meats and other hard foods that are typically a problem for people with no teeth or few teeth. They also adjust the facial structure of a patient back to normalcy so there is not a slumped appearance in their cheeks and jawline.

Most importantly, at least to most patients, they are able to smile freely without being self-conscious. Patients who have had their teeth fall out due to age or severe stress, or those who have not catered to the health of their teeth as they should have, now have a great option for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Although these dentures are not real teeth, it is still necessary to keep them clean. Our Houston dentists will explain precisely how to best take care of the dentures.


If you have suffered the loss of all of your teeth or a large number of teeth, New Smiles Texas can get you back to smiling freely and beautifully. Our dentists will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth to see precisely what all is needed to provide you with a new smile. Contact our dental office today and schedule your appointment for a new set of dentures.