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Houston Dentist Brings New Smiles to People

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Located at 11415 Bellaire Blvd Suite C, Houston, TX, the New Smiles Implant & Ortho-dontic Center is accessible and can easily be found in this part of Houston. Dr. Hwang’s spacious, warm and people-friendly dental office is within a one floor elegant commercial and shopping area with a wide parking space.

The modern complex is surrounded by a number of restaurants and is close to the Hong Kong Food Market. If you’re coming from Downtown Houston from the east, it will take you only 26 minutes to drive to the dental office and meet the Houston Dentist.

New Smiles Texas offers a number of dental services that includes General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Implants and Braces. Dental implant consultation is free, as well as braces consultation.

When you visit the dental office of New Smiles Dental, you’re ready to entrust your smile to the team of dental professionals whose commitment to new smile dentistry and oral health can help you attain an attractive, dazzling smile.

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The New Smiles Dental & Orthodontic offers a comprehensive set of dental services and treatment plans that include general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Aside from providing urgent dental services, the Houston Dentist maintains the vitality and oral health of parents and children who come for a variety of treatment and other special dental services.

Cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency are major concerns of the office of the Houston Dentist, which are also major concerns of customers, and the cost of dental services offered by the New Smiles Dental may be compared to the average standard cost im-plemented nationwide.

The complete Dental Implant Cost Guide shows that a single tooth implant could range from $1,000 to $3,000 not including the cost of the abutment and crown which could range from between $500 to $3,000 or an average total cost of $4,000. In contrast, the Houston Dentist at the New Smiles Implant & Orthodontic Center offers a much lower price starting at $675.

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There could also be additional procedures like bone grafts and extractions, along with X-Rays and CT Scans that could add an additional $5,000 to $10,000 cost. Multi-implant costs are much higher depending on the features included, and whether the supported dentures are from top to bottom. The services of the Houston Dentist also include these but at a certainly lower cost.

The cost of dental braces is normally much higher. The regular cost in 2017 from the CostHelper.com source is $4,937 without insurance for a metal brace. Adult braces plus orthodontic care could cost as high as $5,300. This would also depend on the brace material used, whether it is metal, ceramic, lingual or invasalign. Lingual braces could elicit a-$9,000 out of pocket cost, while Invasalign braces could reach up to $5,000. In sharp contrast, at the Houston Dentist’s New Smiles Implant & Orthodontic Center the braces are affordable starting at $1,995 and up with a post-brace installation service provided to customers at minimal cost. You get real value for your money at the New Smiles clinic.

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At the New Smiles clinic, state-of the art dental technology is used, Pediatric Dentistry detects early dental problems during a routine check-up, thereby mitigating the risks or lessening the amount of treatment necessary to reverse the dental wear and tear process.

About 75% of American adults in the US and has become a national dental health concern. This is due to a weak pediatric dental care. If untreated at an early age, gum disease could lead to tooth loss, heart problems, or even diabetes. The New Smiles Dental addresses this concern.

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Pediatric Dentistry cares for the smiles of your children. Dental care in the child should start at an early age for proper development to occur. If you’re looking for a Houston pediatric dentist that can become your child’s or children’s dentist you can come to the office of the Houston Dentist.

Preventive treatment includes fitting a custom-built mouth-guard for children involved in sports as protection from injury, and the use of dental sealants to prevent bacteria to enter the molars, and the use of fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth enamel and enhance smile.

The New Smiles Dental also offers teeth replacement options as part of bringing a new smile, replacing one tooth, several teeth or all teeth as part of oral health confidence building in the person. The tooth replacement options under the Houston Dentist could include crown and bridgework, dentures and partials and dental implants.

The general dental services provided by the dental groups in all four locations in Texas include periodontal care for fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, TJM support and protection from bruxism, and general dental care for the entire family.

General Dentistry also includes dental restoration work done by the Houston Dentist that looks at and treats cavities by providing a composite material to produce cosmetic dental fillings whenever it is needed. Teeth cavities pose as a threat to the degradation and eventual loss of teeth.

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The New Smiles Dental and Orthodontic Center also works on the protection teeth and gums as a result of a broken tooth by using inlays, onlays and porcelain crowns. For heavily worked out teeth and gums whose roots and nerves have been adversely affected, general restorative dental service offers root canal therapy to save teeth and maintain a stunning smile. In addition, the Houston Dentist also applies cosmetic bonding to minor tooth cracks, gaps, breaks and applies porcelain veneers to the teeth’s front to maximize a person’s smile impact. The end result is the optimization of smile makeovers and the eventual creation of a sustained self-confidence in the person over a long period of time.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures under the state-of-the-art technology used by the Houston Dentist can provide all types of services on the list from a small touch-up to a complete smile makeover. A self-confident personal appearance is important in today’s modern society, and one of its indicators is an attractive, dazzling smile. You can find the Houston Dentist in a number of locations. One location is the New Smiles at South Houston Family Dental. Another clinic is found in New Smiles at Highway 6 North.

The Houston Dentist is also available at New Smiles at Lake Jackson Dental Care, and of course at the main New Smiles Implant and Orthodontic Center at Bellaire Blvd where everyone would be welcomed by the Houston Dentist. You can call us direct at (832) 770-7777. Come and see the Houston Dentist.