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Dental Implants to Restore Smiles


Dental Implants Houston

At New Smiles Texas, we specialize in completing a person’s smile, especially for those who are missing teeth. For many, instead of having all 32 teeth, they have 31 or fewer. Did you know that about half of Americans are missing at least one tooth? In fact, about 35 million Americans have no teeth at all. It is a problem that affects so many for various reasons.

Here are just some of the reasons why people have missing teeth and require dental implants:

Tooth extraction - A tooth extraction takes place when a tooth cannot be saved. This can be due to extreme tooth decay, a broken tooth, or a very weak tooth.

Avulsed tooth - This is the medical term for a tooth that has been knocked out. This is a common occurrence due to accidents, like falling, car wrecks, or sports-related injuries.

No adult tooth - The typical order is baby teeth fall out and then the adult teeth grow in. But sometimes there is no adult tooth underneath the baby tooth, leaving a large gap in between teeth.

Hereditary problems - This is a rare problem, but it does happen. For some, they are stricken with hereditary issues to their teeth, making them weak and a detriment to the patient. Some of these teeth may fall out on their own, or may require an extraction.

At our Houston dental offices, we perform dental implant surgery on a regular basis, most commonly for the reasons mentioned above. This oral surgery is conducted after our dentists perform a thorough examination of a patient’s mouth and teeth. In every instance, we try our best to save the original tooth, but if it is not possible, then we option to conduct this procedure. The reason being is to protect the other teeth and keep the bone below the gums intact.


When a patient presents with a missing tooth or a tooth that must be extracted, we conduct a thorough examination of the area and the bone under the gum where the dental implant must be placed.

A dental implant is made out of titanium. This substance is extremely durable and will not be rejected by the human body. When the dental implant is placed into the bone, the bone accepts it as part of itself and begins to fuse to the titanium. The success rate of dental implants are near 100%.

Dental implants have become the most trusted method to replacing teeth. These implants can be individualized and done as a bridge, with several teeth. Our dentists have been assisting patients for years to fully complete their smile and compliment their appearance.

If you or a family member has missing teeth, then you may want to consider dental implants. Our Houston dentists are experts in this oral surgery procedure and will get you or your family member back to having a complete, beautiful and healthy smile.